Build data infrastructure within your cloud environment

LiveRamp makes it safe and easy for our customers to connect data wherever data lives. Our partnerships with Google Cloud, AWS, and Snowflake combine the power of LiveRamp identity with the power of the cloud for our customers to build and enhance their data and identity infrastructure in and across cloud environments.

Our solutions help customers onboard with frictionless procurement and maximize customers’ cloud investment while maintaining Privacy and Security Controls.

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Build a unified view of customer

Customer journeys are more complex than ever before. Vast amounts of siloed online and offline engagement touchpoints and devices make it difficult to understand data and make it actionable LiveRamp’s offline and online resolution solutions allow customers to consolidate, unify, and resolve disparate and siloed data sets into a single view of customers leveraging pseudonymized person-level identifier through APIs and/or appliances, connecting offline and online behaviors seamlessly that improves downstream performance for marketing use cases like activation, analytics, and measurement while remaining privacy compliant.

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Activate and measure

Understanding your customer is critical which translates to taking action on unique insights from your data. Unlock interoperability with LiveRamp Identity and glean valuable insights within your customer data warehouse and activate across LiveRamp’s 600+ purpose-built integrations with destinations across display, search, social, and TV—all from one easy-to-use platform or API.

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Unlock data interoperability with enhanced data security

Data becomes more valuable when you can connect it to an ecosystem. LiveRamp enables data connectivity without the need to exchange PII, seamlessly translating between identity spaces for data collaborations, advanced analytics, and activation directly with platform partners to drive dynamic customer experiences. You can truly unlock the power of your data across analytics, activation, measurement, and beyond.

Getting started with LiveRamp Cloud offerings

  • Establish a single source of truth for your data

    LiveRamp Identity solutions build identity infrastructure in the clouds ecosystem by connecting disparate data that sits in silos across your organization to create a unified customer view to drive seamless experiences for your customers in digital.

  • Connect online and offline engagement to drive data-driven omnichannel experiences

    Without identity, it's impossible to execute the cohesive omnichannel marketing strategy that is truly data-driven. Collect and connect different data sets from engagement to media channel exposure to understand how and where the customer interacts with your brands and strategize the best way to engage with them. With LiveRamp Identity, you can join online and offline data sets to deliver an omnichannel experience that can be activated and measurable.

  • Measurement that leads to better marketing

    With LiveRamp identity, measure the effectiveness of your marketing at the person level, and make the learnings actionable. LiveRamp connects customers' engagements, impressions, and conversions at an individual level to help you optimize the campaigns that power the data-driven marketing strategy so you can accurately measure and analyze the full customer journey.

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