Enable growth while minimizing risk

Our platform is used by global teams with the assurance that the use cases we enable adhere to all major privacy regulations while promoting innovation.

Controls and privacy protocols for your data

  • Enterprise-grade data protection

    Our platform removes PII, prevents re-identification, and has full workflows to support regulated processes such as consumer Opt Outs and Subject Access Requests.

  • Retain control of your data

    Through our platform, users can tailor data access per individual or partner to ensure that your data always remains in your control and is used as intended.

  • Use data without copying or moving it

    Through the use of unique combinations of privacy-enhancing technologies, we enable permissioned teams to access data—without that data needing to be moved or copied from its original location.

  • Verified security

    From authentication to responsive notification, from encryption to proactive audits, we cover the gamut of capabilities needed to trust a new software solution.

The [LiveRamp] team has proven to be a trustworthy partner for us, enabling choice and transparency to our users, and have been instrumental in enabling a stronger relationship between us and our customers."
Netinfo logo Mila Dimitrova, DPO,
LiveRamp Privacy Manager has been an efficient solution for all of our consent privacy concerns. Their portal is very straightforward, user friendly, and their support team made the process seamless. We also greatly appreciate that they keep us in the loop with regard to all the latest TCF updates.
Julian Aijal, Technical SEO Manager, The Next Web The Next Web Logo

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