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What DIB and DEI Mean in an Industry that Loves Acronyms

Nov 21, 2020 - 20 min

Episode Summary

You may have heard the acronyms DIB, DEI, or D&I in reference to diversity programs. What do they all mean, and why are these initiatives especially important in technology? This episode features Brandon Sammut, Chief People and Culture Officer at LiveRamp, in conversation with Daniella Harkins, SVP of Commercial Strategy, and Anneka Gupta, President and Head of Platforms and Product at LiveRamp, on the state of diversity, inclusion, and belonging in data and technology. Hear where LiveRamp is on its journey to providing unique and authentic collaboration among diverse voices— and learn tactics you can take to your organizations.

About the Hosts

Daniella Harkins

SVP, Commercial Strategy and Excellence


Daniella Harkins is SVP, Commercial Strategy and Excellence at LiveRamp (NYSE: RAMP), the leading data connectivity platform, where she works cross-functionally to drive the structure and transformation of the commercial team. A passionate industry voice, Harkins is a member of the All Raise Visionary Voices, a partner and frequent podcast guest of social good platform Givsly, and an experienced speaker across various platforms—including New York Advertising Week. Her passion and curiosity have earned her recognition as Female Business Executive of the Year for Women in Business in 2017. She has been featured in esteemed industry publications, including Business Insider, Beet.TV, MediaPost, and ClickZ, among others.

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